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"I couldn't recommend anyone more highly than Victor. I've published ten books and worked with many PR people. He is so far above anyone I've ever engaged. The entire experience renewed my faith in the process. If you are considering hiring Victor as your publicist, I can promise that you'll have a hand in the dark. He's wonderful."
—Gloria Nagy
Author, Seasick (and other best-selling novels such as A House in the Hamptons)

"Victor Gulotta was a joy to work with during my book tour. He always took the time needed to discuss every aspect of my campaign. Victor is extraordinarily patient, and always does whatever he can to help his authors. He is a true professional: extremely prompt, courteous, and very detail-oriented. Victor offers personalized service for authors that is second to none, and will always go the extra mile to help publicize your book."
—Bernard von Bothmer
Author, Framing the Sixties: The Use and Abuse of a Decade from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush

"As the old adage states, 'The man who chooses to represent himself has a fool for a client.' In today's cutthroat world of 21st-Century publishing and overworked in-house publicists, it takes more than talent and personal tenacity to give one's book a fighting chance. With that in mind, Victor Gulotta is the catalyst toward creating the national buzz your work deserves. He will zealously supplement your efforts using his long-term connections, Internet resources, a euphonious phone voice, and the rarest commodity in business—integrity!"
—Jesse A. Saperstein
Author, Atypical: Life with Asperger's in 20 1/3 Chapters

“Victor is the Mario Andretti of publicists.”
—David Perry
Coauthor (with Jay Conrad Levinson), Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters

“Victor has been a breeze to work with—he is always prompt, courteous, and professional.  He is also just an all-around wonderful person.  He was able to obtain interviews with major national and regional TV and radio shows, including ‘Fox News’ and CNN’s ‘Health Minute.’”
—Stephanie Sarkis, PhD
Author, 10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD

“Victor Gulotta is a consummate pro. It's a tough world out there for authors, with more than 200,000 books published each year in the United States alone. The competition for media attention is ferocious, and the entire book publishing industry is changing. More books are sold online these days than in physical bookstores. You need to raise your profile above the thousands of mid-list authors all trying to get attention for their own books. That's where a seasoned publicist comes in, and Victor is a pro who is effective in getting the kind of attention for authors that results in serious sales. I've published more than 25 books to date, including a couple of best-selling biographies, and I would not hesitate to hire Victor to promote my next one.”
—Jerome Tuccille
Author, Gallery of Fools: The True Story of a Celebrated Manhattan Art Thief

“Competing for publicity in the face of a war in Iraq and a presidential campaign, Victor Gulotta was impressive as a publicist. He is conscientious, hardworking, and effective. He maximized the exposure of my book to regional and national television and radio audiences in a way I could never have done alone. C-SPAN, WGN-AM’s ‘Milt Rosenberg,’ ‘Fox Morning News,’ and Newsday were just some of the bookings realized from his efforts.”
—Henry David Abraham, M.D.
Author, What’s a Parent to Do? Straight Talk on Drugs and Alcohol;
Co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize

"Public Radio International's 'Tavis Smiley' was just one of the national and local radio shows Victor Gulotta booked for me.  Victor did excellent work promoting my book, and I would happily use his services again."
—Jeffrey Scheuer
Author, The Big Picture: Why Democracies Need Journalistic Excellence

“Victor is well connected, very professional, and easy to work with.  In a matter of a few weeks he booked radio and newspaper interviews as well as bookstore signings. It was a true pleasure to work with him.”
—Xujun Eberlein
Author, Apologies Forthcoming

“It's clear that Victor has great insight into how to promote and sell books. His instinct for how to pitch an idea is what impresses me most. When my book got extensive coverage in several popular magazines, Victor was largely responsible and continues to be today. In fact, I'm STILL getting leads from him that are helping me sell my book!”
—Michael Gerrish
Author, When Working Out Isn't Working Out

“As a first-time self-published author of a book about personal finance, stock market investing and retiring wealthy, I needed all the help I could get. I searched all of the available publications for a publicist that would match my requirements. I sure picked a winner in Victor Gulotta. He pulled-off a 'small miracle' when he got me onto the CNBC-TV morning show. That's nirvana for reaching an audience of stock market investors around the globe. That 5-minute interview on TV launched my book into a bestseller by the next morning. Amazon.com rated my book as a 'mover and shaker,' and the following morning rated it as a '5.' Victor will be my number one choice for my second book.”
—Edward Yanis
Author, Dancing With Bears: Separating Wall Street from the Bull

“My book was propelled to bestseller status when Victor took over the publicity. It didn't take him long to launch a blow-out national tour--one that resulted in appearances on 'Oprah,' ' Sally Jessy Raphael,' and so many other shows. Within a short period of time we had sold more than 100,000 copies. Obviously, I recommend Victor highly.”
—Sol Gordon, Ph.D.
Author, Why Love Is Not Enough and How Can You Tell If You're Really in Love?

“I have been very pleased with Victor's work. . . . conscientious, reliable, and focused. Victor's most impressive attribute was his persistence. His above-and-beyond efforts translated into a well-rounded and successful media campaign that culminated in a front-page article in USA Today.”
—Arun Lakra, M.D.
Author, In Search of 20/20: Everything You Need to Know About Laser Eye Surgery

“Victor has been associated with me since 1982, when the paperback edition of my book Flim-Flam! was published. I have since worked with him on three successive books, including my The Magic World of the Amazing Randi. I have no hesitation in recommending Victor Gulotta to anyone.”
—James Randi
Recipient, MacArthur Foundation "genius" award

“Thank you so much for all your help. We had never hired a publicist before and were not sure what to expect, but after working with you for just a short while, we realized we made the right decision.  Our book One Shot-One Kill Trading deals with educating online traders, and even though it is laden with trader terminology, we were able to talk about it in layman’s terms on the air to listeners nationwide, and it was well-received by both the hosts of the shows and the audiences. Because of your efforts and personal attention to detail, our company has gained a larger following, and that is what we are in business for.”
—John Netto
Author, One Shot-One Kill Trading

“Publishers today offer limited help in promoting first-time authors.  Although my publisher was accommodating, the exhilaration I felt when Neither Sand Nor Sea was published soon replaced with the frightening feeling of “But how do I get it out there?  How will people know about my book?”  Enter Victor Gulotta who immediately went to work writing press releases, setting up interviews and getting me reviews I could never had garnered on my own.  My association with Victor was a rewarding and very pleasant experience and I highly recommend him to all writers.”
—Kathleen Kubik
Author, Neither Sand Nor Sea

“Victor made me famous in places like Chechnya, Jakarta, and Minneapolis. What I liked best was you could always get him on the phone. . . . Thanx for takin' the ride with us!”
—Baxter Black
Author, A Cowful of Cowboy Poetry; America's best-selling cowboy poet;
Commentator, National Public Radio

“I will be forever grateful to Victor for having 'cracked' the Boston Globe—a review and a 'names & faces' piece for my first novel—and for booking me on important radio shows in both Boston and New York. His hard work and perseverance really paid off.”
—Nancy Kricorian
Author, Zabelle

“I would recommend Gulotta Communications to any author who wants to be in the media spotlight. National tours for my books Getting Past OK and Virus of the Mind included appearances on more than two dozen television shows and nearly a hundred radio shows. Many of these shows, both national and local, were top-rated in their markets.”
—Richard Brodie
Creator, Microsoft Word;
Author, Getting Past OK and Virus of the Mind



"Like the old Nike ad 'Bo Knows,' 'Victor Knows.' He knows the Boston media market as well as anyone. He knows how to get results for an author in other markets as well, such as San Francisco. While many publicists just talk, Victor Gulotta delivers."
—Stuart Weisberg
Author, Barney Frank: The Story of America's Only Left-Handed, Gay, Jewish Congressman

"Getting your novel noticed these days is tough.  If your story is a genre-bender, if it violates those unwritten rules of the trade, if it offends PC sensibilities, how do you get beyond the gatekeepers to have your book reach its intended audience?  Answer: Go to Victor Gulotta.  He has the literary savvy, the courage, the vision, the determination, and that immensely personal touch.  Victor knows the business.  He has the contacts.  He'll open doors you were convinced were locked shut.  Here is a publicist with a passion for books—a 19th-century gentleman who with each campaign performs a 21st-century miracle.   My stories are my lifeblood, which is why Victor is my publicist."
—Diana E. Sheets
Author, American Suite and The Cusp of Dreams, www.literarygulag.com

“Victor has gotten us interviews with CNN, MSNBC (three times!), USA Today, and plenty of national and local radio. We have experienced the power of promotion at its best.”
—Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould
First American journalists to enter Afghanistan behind Soviet lines; Coauthors, Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story and Afghanistan: The End of Illusion

"Connecting with Victor Gulotta for the promotion of my most recent books has to rank as one of the most pleasant and rewarding publishing experiences that have come my way in recent memory. His knowledge of the process is vast, his contacts admirable, and his ability to arrange coverage in a striking variety of outlets—radio, television, industry web sites, to cite just a few—is nothing short of miraculous. Given the nature of what I write about—book culture in all its glory—I know something about this world, and I have to say Victor is a real pro, one of the best I've seen. Highly recommended."
—Nicholas Basbanes
Author, About the Author, Editions and Impressions, Every Book Its Reader, A Splendor of Letters, and Among the Gently Mad

“Victor Gulotta was my first experience using a publicist—I had no idea what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised when I got three speaking engagements at Harvard, several reviews including a major piece in the San Francisco Chronicle, three Boston TV segments, and national and major-market radio spots across the country. I have now seen what other publicists do and all I have to say is that Victor Gulotta is a real pro. He follows up on every possible engagement indefatigably and gets results.  Thanks, Victor!”
—Steve Dexter
Author, Beat the Banks: How to Prosper in the Rising Wave of Bank Foreclosures and Real Estate Debt Can Make You Rich

“Victor Gulotta is a hard-working publicist. I highly recommend his services.”
—Bob Livingstone,
Author, The Body-Mind-Soul Solution

“Victor is the consummate professional. He is directly responsible for taking my book to a national audience in print, on radio and TV and generating PR that took my speaking business from local pro-bono appearances to major conferences. Most of all, Victor is fully engaged with the author. Throughout the campaign Victor was a dedicated and sincere partner with my success as his focus.”
—Jim Bouchard
Author, Dynamic Components of Personal Power

“Victor Gulotta and I go back many years. He was my publicist first with Bob Adams, Inc., then with William Morrow Publishing. Victor has been responsible for booking me on many shows including ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘CBS This Morning,’ and ‘Oprah.’  Most recently, he worked on getting press for my latest book, Think Thin, Be Thin. Victor is good-natured, diligent, easy to work with, and well-respected in the media. When I need a publicist, I call Victor.”
—Doris Wild Helmering
Author, Think Thin, Be Thin; Sense Ability; and Husbands, Wives & Sex

“Victor knows how to establish relationships with the media so that they listen. . . . He knows the secrets for publicity success.  My books have been recognized by Inc., Fortune, and in Jean Chatzky’s ‘Money’ column thanks to Gulotta Communications.  Why waste your budget on other self-proclaimed publicists when you can begin with the best. . . .  I've worked with many publicists during the last 20 years and each time give my business back to Gulotta Communications.”
—Ann Marie Sabath (the “Emily Post of corporate America”)
Author, One Minute Manners, Business Etiquette: 101 Ways to Conduct Business With Charm & Savvy, the International Business Etiquette series, and Business Etiquette in Brief

“I highly recommend Victor Gulotta. In this business, having your own publicist is a must. Victor was able to get me on several national radio and TV shows, and in three large-circulation magazines, including Better Investing. He also landed a full review in USA Today, a syndicated Sunday magazine piece for Tribune Newspapers, a People Magazine review, a New York Times article, and a review in Booklist.  I also did WBZ radio, the Boston mega-station, and a host of Florida and east-coast stations to begin the campaign. There is definitely a media ladder, and thousands are trying to get on it.  Increase your odds by having Victor as your publicist.”
—Jon Hanson
Author, Good Debt, Bad Debt: Knowing the Difference Can Save Your Financial Life

“Mr. Gulotta arranged radio talk show appearances for me that were heard across the United States. One talk show was heard in half a dozen foreign countries. Among the interviews was a regional television news appearance that aired in six states. A review of my book by the Associated Press resulted in positive reviews being printed in major newspapers, as well as small town publications. Mr. Gulotta is a giant in his field.”
—Wally G. Vaughn
Coauthor, Reflections on Our Pastor: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church

“Victor Gulotta has been the key force behind the promotion of my book Knock 'Em Dead. His efforts produced a monumentally successful tour each time a new edition of my book came out. He has booked me on countless television and radio shows, and lined up feature articles with major magazines and daily newspapers. I commend his efforts and consider him a dynamic publicist.”
—Martin Yate
Author of the one-million-copy bestseller
Knock 'Em Dead: With Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions

“When my publicist, Victor Gulotta, emailed me to say I was going to be a guest on Playboy Radio, my mouth fell open. ‘Oh my God, I am so not a Bunny!’ He reassured me. Not to worry, I was going to be a Play Date. ‘Oh my God. What’s a Play Date? I’m not a Play Date, either!’ He assured me that he and the producer felt I’d be perfect for the show. And even more good news: 2.5 million listeners. . . . I did, indeed, have fun. . . . many thanks to Victor . . . for the awesome experience.”
—Rachelle Chase
Author, Sex Lounge

“Victor Gulotta may well be the FDR of publicists. He amplified the potential audience for my book, The Hidden Campaign: FDR's Health and the 1944 Election many times over. Pleasant, effective, and highly selective, he was a catalyst in promoting a book with a general audience. He created numerous opportunities for me and I can strongly recommend Gulotta Communications to you.”
—Hugh Evans, M.D.
Author, The Hidden Campaign: FDR’s Health and the 1944 Election

“An author doesn't expect to run into someone as kind, intelligent, and intensely knowledgeable as Victor Gulotta these days.  The solitary nature of the experience of writing is immediately counterbalanced by feelings of support and wise company when Victor is on your side as a publicist.  That it is a jungle out there is a 'given.'  The surprise is that there is someone who knows every inch of the path, knows what berries to eat and which to avoid, and where the poisonous snakes hide waiting.  Victor is the best guide an author could want.  His personal integrity marks him as a rare find in any field.  There may be many corners to cut as an author attempts to conserve precious personal resources; Victor Gulotta's services should be on an author's priority list directly under paper and ink.”
—Jerry Sander
Author, Permission Slips

“I was quite flattered to have someone of Victor’s stature interested in representing my second novel, Fiend Angelical.  After all, I was still an 'unknown'—which was precisely why I needed his experience and expertise to help me get that all-important air-time.  Knowing Victor was on the job, doing what he does best, gave me confidence and freed up valuable time to do what I do best—writing my next book—and he was able to land me interviews I know I would never have managed to secure on my own.  I highly recommend Gulotta Communications.”
—Ria Dimitra
Author, Fiend Angelical

“I was so grateful to Victor for taking on a book from an academic press. He got my voice on over 200 radio stations, including two appearances on National Public Radio. These really increased sales. His work was always efficient and professional. He helped immensely in my interactions with my publisher, too. I know I would have never gotten as many review copies in as many good hands without him.”
—Mitch Earleywine
Author, Understanding Marijuana