Full-Service Book Promotion and Publicity
for Authors and Publishers:
Fiction and Nonfiction

Authors Represented—a Selected List


Diana E. Sheets, The Cusp of Dreams and American Suite
Gloria Nagy
, Seasick
Xujun Eberlein, Apologies Forthcoming
Maryann McFadden, The Richest Season and So Happy Together
John Shors, Dragon House
Baxter Black, A Cowful of Cowboy Poetry
Kathleen Kubik, Neither Sand Nor Sea
Rachelle Chase, Sex Lounge
Nancy Kricorian, Zabelle
Jerry Sander, Permission Slips
Will Staeger, Painkiller
Eva Jana Siroka, Maddalena
Eugene Harkins, Where Witch Birds Fly
Ria Dimitra, Fiend Angelical
Louis Dorfman, The Fairies’ Quest
Steven M. Greenberg, Incantation
Ona Russell, O'Brien's Desk
Kurt Gerstner, A Complex Solution
Gary Dolan, Of Their Own Accord


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